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Find Terrence Woods-Part 2-S1 34

27-year-old Terrence Woods went missing on October 5, 2018.  He was working with a production crew that was filming a TV series in mountainous central Idaho.  Reportedly he ran down a steep embankment in the Idaho wilderness never to be seen again.  His father Terrence Woods, Sr. joins Crime Redefined to set the record straight on what may have happened and how he feels the investigation has been handled and portrayed in the media. Part 2 of 2 of our interview with Terrence Woods, Sr. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2hqmj-find-my-missing-son-terrence-woods

[00:00:00] Announcer: Welcome to the Crime Redefined Podcast produced by Zero Cliff Media coming to you from the US Bank Tower high above downtown Los Angeles. In our podcast, we drill deep into forensics and criminal investigation from the viewpoint of the defense, as well as explore the intersection of the media and the justice system.

[00:00:22] Mehul Anjaria: Thanks so much for listening to crime redefined. This is co host Mehul Anjaria We hope you enjoyed part one of our interview with Terrence Woods Sr. Now we present the conclusion of this gripping interview. Let’s hope that Terrence gets some good news about his son very soon.

(Interview resumes)  Yeah, it seems like basic investigation would have been to figure out were multiple keys to Terrence’s hotel room given out and you know, was there a surveillance camera, there probably was I don’t know what kind of hotel room it is, but that’s just investigation 101?

[00:00:54] Terrence Woods Sr.: There we go. You say the same thing the same time. Come on. First thing is, let’s see the cameras for from the day he came into the day that morning when he led me left to go wherever. Let’s see them cameras. Now. Just give it up. That’s that first? That’s Elementary.

[00:01:10] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah. Something else that was put out there was this assertion that the night before he went missing that Terrence, I guess was out at a bar a restaurant met a young lady and exchanged numbers. Do you think that even happened? And is that something? I mean, if it did, that should have been followed up on that. It’s, again, is key, but I would assume that there’s been no further follow up on that.

[00:01:32] Terrence Woods Sr.: First of all, you know, I’m saying my son is very, very proud. You gotta be close close to him. You know, I’m saying and he’s, but when he’s close you when he’s with his friends, they have fun, but as far as now he’s with a bunch of people, and now he sees this young lady whoever and he tries to rap there and give a number. Okay, well, okay who is this young lady, is miss this mysterious person now. mysterious person, anything pertaining to who he’s seen, or somebody that came in contact with, we can find out who they are.

[00:02:10] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah. Or is it? Is it another ruse put out there to suggest that yes, he was in the area? I mean, we just don’t know. Well, I was gonna, I was gonna ask you a question, but this is something more I want you to comment on. Okay. So obviously, you’ve talked about this already, that there’s one theory that Terrance wanted to fall off the grid, or ghost himself, whether or not that’s even possible in the terrain and all of that. I mean, as you thought about this over the months, is there any reason whatsoever Terrence would have to want to disappear?

[00:02:46] Terrence Woods Sr.: No. I my son have a very good life. That’s just like, originally, I told him when he told me what he was going to do this last shoot, I said man, you really can go. He said, Dad, I really don’t wanna go, he said, but I already committed myself, as I was saying, you pretty committed yourself one outside of him going to school. My son, I gave both of my sons my son, I didn’t matter of fact, just two weeks ago, I want to put this car in the shop as it sat been sitting for last two and a half years. I gave my son an RT Hemi sunroof fully loaded, paid for, in my son’s bedroom. I see pictures. He has a 56 inch flat screen screen TV, A fireplace, you know? Oak wood stuff he liked, in him and his brothers bathroom they got a Jacuzzi flat screen TV on the wall. You know, the marble sink. That’s their bathroom. You know, in our house, they have an office in our office in the house. They have an elliptical, punching bag, weights, everything. You know, we live a very, very, very comfortable life, and the thing is this, even by my son not working he didn’t have to pay no bills. So money, it wasn’t like, you gotta go get a job, man. You gotta go get a job. Sad to say, I still buy my kid. My kids are grown, and I have female friends and will be like, you know, you still buy clothes for your kids you still cook food for them? Those are my kids. You know, I’m saying. So no, they are hard life out of my life at all. That’s like my youngest son gave him a vehicle. He want a new vehicle he traded and I said well, that’s your condo. He’s still living home though. No, you know, in a very comfortable house. No, you don’t even have to. He’s on wanting to let me come upstairs. He don’t even have to see me. He have his own bathroom everything. So no, they live a very comfortable life.

[00:04:44] Dion Mitchell: So it sounds like there’s absolutely no reason that he’d want to you know, fall off the grid for any reason. If it sounds like he’s got a really…You’re a fantastic father. He’s had a great life.

[00:04:52] Terrence Woods Sr.: got a great life and see that’s the thing if you speak to his friends, I don’t know if you spoke to Rochelle. If you speak to his friends friends that knew him from London, and he, he always had fun man. He always told me can’t wait to go home with his dad. You know, I’d send you pictures me and then when he was home and I’m hanging out every Tuesday me and I’m sitting room, he got my room sitting in my room, in the recliner, I fall asleep. He watching we will watch a watch this show called The Purge. We watch that, you know I’m saying or I will come in he come my room. I fall asleep or go in his brothers and his brother get home from work. He in his brother’s room, downstairs. They cousin come over they downstairs playing Monopoly together. No, I’m saying Christmas time. Me and him we go downstairs he put up the Christmas tree. You know I’m saying so, and the fourth of July. He came on fourth July 2018. That was the first 4th of July he was home in seven years since he moved away to go to school. He came finally came home. When he came on June 29, he was home. He mailed all his stuff here paid for all his stuff, we had a big Fourth of July run around the house him his cousin with water gun I’m on the grill, and I’m saying we had fun, we had fun.

[00:06:02] Dion Mitchell: Alright, then let’s, let’s move. Let’s put that theory aside then. So what I want to get into I’ve got a couple of questions that I want to get into. Okay, like just the rumor type stuff that I wanted, like make I want I want to make sure our audience can put this nonsense aside because there’s so many like you said, there’s so many people that didn’t even talk to you writing stories, and so I want to get it from from you. So what is your best theory on what happened to him? And then has that changed over the last three years?

[00:06:46] Terrence Woods Sr.: My best theory is okay, when Simon told me this, he said when I spoke to your son, he said he was highly recommended, and over the phone when I spoke to him, he said I knew we had the right person. He said then when I met your son, he said all that went out the door. Okay, great. So now when you spoke to my son, when you speak to my son, my son speak? Well, I mean, he would get on me sometime dad. You don’t say that with that? You don’t, you know, my spoke my son speak very, very, very proper.

[00:07:20] Dion Mitchell: Can I want to stop you there? I want to. I want to ask you a question. Something just popped up. So did Simon, do you know if Simon ever saw your son before he spoke to him?

[00:07:33] Terrence Woods Sr.: No, that’s the that’s what I’m dwelling on. That’s what I’m speaking on now.

[00:07:36] Dion Mitchell: So he never saw we never saw him. It was just phone calls. Until he actually showed up in set in Montana.

[00:07:42] Terrence Woods Sr.: Emails, no emails, emails, you know, I’m saying and phone conversation. That’s the best point I’m making. So so you ask that and that’s where I was going. That’s the road I was going down. So you just spoke to him. speaks proper, you know, I’m saying he was highly recommended, you know, man, that is person come and get off. You meet at the airport. This is a person of color.

[00:08:08] Dion Mitchell: That’s actually popped up that he had talked to him and no one ever said, and you probably lived in England for a while. Yeah, And a little bit of a British accent or something and didn’t sound like he would thought and then when he saw him get off the plane.

[00:08:23] Terrence Woods Sr.: Hes this dark complexion person as you all say, you know, I’m saying, you know, he’s highly recommended. Then when you check in his portfolio, and he graduated from university of Maryland, you got a double master’s degree from Richmond College in London. He has this after portfolio banging. Wow, but then you see this person, your whole crew, your whole staff, all of you are white people. Now you see this a young black man, and now you tell me when he was there, I told sent him to the store to get me some fruit, and he couldn’t even get the right fruit for me. What the hell? He didn’t come here to be your maid.

[00:09:10] Dion Mitchell: So let me let me ask the question again. What do you what do you think happened then?

[00:09:12] Terrence Woods Sr.: I think that something was going on. My son wasn’t really feeling it wasn’t really going for it, and if they said he said he wanted to leave, he told them. My mother’s having a surgery, thinking they would say okay, you can leave on the airport when he told me he told them on Thursday that his mother was having surgery Saturday, but they couldn’t get him a flight until next Wednesday, but when I got there it was before when it was no snow on the ground was no bad weather like that, so why would he have to wait from Thursday to Wednesday. I still haven’t seen no canceled flight ticket. Nothing from the airport saying it was even a flight there for him. This is all once again word of mouth that what you are telling me took place.

[00:09:56] Dion Mitchell: So you think there’s like maybe a fight that got out of hand or something?

[00:10:01] Terrence Woods Sr.: I think maybe somebody wanted him to do something that he didn’t want to do. Maybe he seen, he saw something that he should not have seen, and he was afraid. He wasn’t one of the guys, one of the people one of the crew, and he would say something about it, and maybe he could have been pushed up and got on the hand and someone wrong, went totally left field, and they had to clean it up.

[00:10:27] Dion Mitchell: Yeah, there’s a there’s a risk to that, because if these guys were all British Nationals, the last thing they want to do is get into an American court system.

[00:10:35] Terrence Woods Sr.: You all out, you got all of them out of here.

[00:10:38] Dion Mitchell: You know, I want to ask you something. It because there was a, I remember the interview that podcast interview, and that was then and this is obviously three years, almost three years later, two and half years later, have you? Have you gone to the location where he physically went missing yet?

[00:10:53] Terrence Woods Sr.: No, to be honest with you. Only way I will go to Idaho I have to have a bunch of family members and bunch of people with me, I will not go to that place by myself with just me and my ex-wife, if you paid to take it and put me in a best hotel out there, because I’m not gonna disappear like that.

[00:11:13] Dion Mitchell: No, no I can can. I want to in the, so there’s no way of you knowing I want to ask them that stuck out to me watching the Dr. Phil. So they show a number of photographs of the area and the Penman Mine, right? Yeah, and then one of the areas one of the images that they kept showing the number of times, we actually have the video of it, of the show, and they kept showing a cliff like they didn’t actually say this was it, but they kept showing something that had a drop off. Is there any way did your did your investigator, I have 2 questions. Did your investigator went to the location physically to the location?

[00:11:51] Terrence Woods Sr.: He told me he did, I don’t have no proof of that.

[00:11:54] Dion Mitchell: Is there any way that you say, can you Is there a way to follow up and see if the look, the photograph that they kept showing in the Dr. Phil that looked like a kind of a cliff is actually the area where he went missing, and the reason I’m saying that is because I’m familiar with this area, and it is heavily heavily forested. I mean, it’s, like if someone takes off, within three or four minutes, they’re they’re going to be into the woods and you’re not going to be able to see them, but the photograph that they kept showing, if you go back and you look at it, it’s bald, looking like it had been clear cut, and so if it had been clear cut, then someone could run down that hill and you’d be able to see him for miles, right? Or at least not miles, but at least three and see him for three or 400 yards, if there’s no trees to obstruct your view. So I’m trying to know if that that photograph that they kept using for the so called, you know, cliff was actually the actual photograph from the area where he went, went missing because I keep hearing this term, this phrase, he ran down a cliff and to my knowledge, you cannot run down a cliff and anything probably over you know, eight feet, you’re gonna twist if not break your ankles. So I’m trying to figure out

[00:13:09] Terrence Woods Sr.: and also sorry to cut you off, they said it was a 70 degree angle cliff.

[00:13:15] Dion Mitchell: Well, that’s almost vertical. So you can’t still you still you can’t run down that you know.

[00:13:20] Terrence Woods Sr.: Exactly, a 70-degree angle cliff and let’s put this on the place to, at night. Come on. Come on, man. Okay, yeah, okay. Okay. My son was never there, man. Yeah, that’s the thing is that’s great to play. First of all, and in this, I’m gonna jump back to go forward. He allegedly disappeared on the fifth, I didn’t get a call till 7:20 on the sixth.

[00:13:56] Dion Mitchell: That’s new, we didn’t know that.

[00:13:59] Mehul Anjaria: You know, Terrence, as you laid this out. This is so bizarre and mysterious. If you believe a lot of this, that you would almost have to believe that Terrence was abducted by UFO to buy this story, it has that sort of ring to it.

[00:14:13] Terrence Woods Sr.: So you must have read the story that they said he was abducted by aliens. You know? I thought you’re being sarcastic. Yeah, that’s out there too. Yeah, that’s out there too.

[00:14:26] Dion Mitchell: So the last person to to supposedly air quotes here to see and to speak and see Terrence was Sheree. Right, and have you? I think you already answered this. Have you or your investigator spoken with her directly?

[00:14:43] Terrence Woods Sr.: Who’s Sheree?

[00:14:44] Dion Mitchell: Sheree, the transportation local transportation she was…

[00:14:49] Terrence Woods Sr.: He was supposed to be getting to her, Yeah, and she was telling us how badly he’s treated by my family right now. I don’t know you from a can of paint,  just met you. Now almost it and then they said first he said he was having a nice time, and she said he was having a nice conversation, everything. Then he said he had to go relieve himself, and that’s when he leapt off the cliff, but before you’re putting him leap off the cliff, let’s put this story out here. He said he’s mistreated by his family, his dad never. So we already build up BS to come up whatever took place. It’s like you built up his story, his hype story with just one woman that I’ve never spoken to don’t know from a can of paint, and now after she said he was talking to her, and he was together all day to day that day, and then he was telling all this now all of a sudden, he had to relieve himself and go leap off the cliff. Wow.

[00:15:46] Dion Mitchell: And you say your investigator never followed up with her?

[00:15:49] Terrence Woods Sr.: Man, this guy took money, and he told me spoke to her never gave me anything in detail in writing I mean, I don’t all I had was money taken out my account. I don’t have the so called pictures I paid for,  documented phone conversation, another thing that’s rewind, they said, did you did you see where the guy was talking? The guy who lived in the woods? And that’s the guy who house they went to?

[00:16:17] Dion Mitchell: Yeah, the guy that so that’s the guy that lives if I remember correctly, kind of at the top of the hill, he was retired a government law enforcement like ATF or something like that.

[00:16:26] Terrence Woods Sr.:  And they went to his house. They went originally, they said, they said that they weren’t just because now this is a professional company. What do you call it? Gold Mine, whatever name you all out? You, this is what you’re doing this what you do? You’re going to Woods all the time. Right? You all don’t have your own satellite phone? Come on. Okay. Really, really, but so y’all say they didn’t have a satellite phone. So they had to go to this person’s house. It had the satellite phone, and this person is the one, it was called the 911, and made the accusations of my son being dark complexion and all this. Why would I knock on your door right now? And we’re in a country where we all speak the same language? And how can you let me in your house, sir its an emergency? Why would you interpret what I’m saying telling to the police of what happened? And you weren’t there? knocking on your door to use the phone, have an emergency okay heres that phone. Now I’m gonna tell him X, Y and Z. Why would you now say no, that was the man who lived in a house, and he was one telling the story.

[00:17:38] Dion Mitchell: I just want to clarify something real quick. So what you’re saying is, if they didn’t have a satellite phone, this guy did, which makes sense because of the remoteness. There’s no towers out there. So why wouldn’t the guy the ATF or whatever it was it was retired, just hand Simon or someone from the crew, the phone and let them say what happened is what you’re saying is it sounds like they just fed him what had happened, and he was relaying what they said.

[00:18:04] Terrence Woods Sr.: that’s what they want us to believe. You know, which, why would that make sense? Like I said, we all speak the same language. So it’s not like, you know,

[00:18:13] Dion Mitchell: You would say, Hey, can I use your phone? There’s been emergency, right?

[00:18:15] Terrence Woods Sr.: Right. isn’t a human we don’t need an interpreter. So emergency, sir. Right?

[00:18:21] Dion Mitchell: Oh, there’s my phone, of course,

[00:18:22] Terrence Woods Sr.: My crew member fell off a cliff around, then you get the phone. Now I want it now I want. I want our crew member bah bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. Then okay, but you say this person you knocked on his door, but now, if you also read and you also heard what the person said, he said, when they came to his house, he said immediately, he called when his friends or whomever went back to the area they said was a red ribbon solely on a tree. What happened? He said when he got there, he said there’s no way in the world he came down there. He said I was out in my tent. He said I sleep out in my tent. He said no one came through here that night. That’s what he said.

[00:19:00] Mehul Anjaria: Terrence, you said something very briefly, and it was very interesting on the Dr. Phil interview, and again, there was no real follow up, but I believe you said that you learned from an investigator that there was a professional basketball player staying in the area where Terrence disappeared, and then something happened to where his sons then had to have counseling. Can you break it out a little bit more?

[00:19:17] Terrence Woods Sr.: So this is the second private investigator, who was once we found out he was working with the sheriff’s department. He called he called me that’s I found Oh, he was I don’t know he, okay. He got my number and stuff off. He said, You know, I’m private, basically, I get any information. So this how I got your information. Okay, fine. So, he’s telling me man, I know about this case. I’ve been out there. He said, You know, it was two professional basketball. It was two people out there whose father is a professional basketball player. They were there as well. He said one of the young men after what took place out there, he’s now getting counseling, and everyone’s up to the second I don’t have this young man’s name, but I say that to say, no one mentioned anything about no other two people being there that were from this from from here, about no basketball player, none of that’s mentioned and nothing. Not mentioned and no paperwork.

[00:20:26] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah, and along those lines, what do you make of the other lady who went missing the same day that Terrence went missing? The Sheriff’s department was very quick to say that there’s no connection between the two. We can maybe read between lines is why they might say that based on what you said, but what are your thoughts on that?

[00:20:44] Terrence Woods Sr.: Okay, well, that lady went missing the same day. They said, What, 15, 20 miles away from where he was and a dog, they found a dog never found a lady. Okay, that’s her You know, it was another young man, the young man that went missing, and they said him and his friend drove the car in a lake, and when the father got out there, and went to Lake the lake wasn’t taped off or nothing, and they still haven’t found him. Now, a woman who went missing there was also a man that went missing, but they allegedly found him. The so called man, but now, do you remember when that was send to the sheriff? And Dr. Phil asked the sheriff. Do a lot of people go missing in your town? The sheriff quote said, it depends, if you’re not from here, you may go missing. That came out of the Sheriff’s mouth and that’s what he said, especially if you’re from the city.

[00:21:43] Mehul Anjaria: That sounds ominous. To me. That sounds ominous.

[00:21:46] Terrence Woods Sr.: You know, that come out of the Sheriff’s mouth.

[00:21:50] Dion Mitchell: I’m not sure what to make of him. You know, I really I don’t know. It’s it’s hard. I’m trying to figure out like, what would his motivation be? But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like any of his answers or responses are clean.

[00:22:05] Terrence Woods Sr.: Do you remember when did you hear when I was on a talk show and a lady Miss Judy called the talk show, and she lived there in Idaho, and she said her nephew got killed in the store out there. The Sheriff’s Department, they shot him and killed them, because they thought he was robbing the store some Indian dude, and she said they killed him, and they said he said her two daughters. The day that my son went missing, her two daughters was in town, and they said these big trucks came and went up in the mountain area and then left. Did you ever hear that story?

[00:22:41] Dion Mitchell: No. No?

[00:22:43] Terrence Woods Sr.: Yeah. Yep. Miss Judy. I can send you a name or phone number everything.

[00:22:50] Dion Mitchell: Yeah, Yeah, that’d be great.

[00:22:52] Terrence Woods Sr.: She said on what so you didn’t you didn’t here a radio show that I was on, um, Phocuz Phil, and he was on he said his blood on the sheriff’s hands. I know for a fact his blood on his hands. My nephew was killed. If you pull up Phocuz Phil, when I was on that radio show, and you had a lady live in Idaho, and he talked about it and say I had two daughters was there a day my son went missing? These two big trailers went up to the mountain and came back and left. Yep.

[00:23:24] Dion Mitchell: So beyond the investigators, what other avenues have you been able to to try to utilize to find terrorists?

[00:23:31] Terrence Woods Sr.: None, I’ve been trying to get in touch to FBI. We’re gonna have a field officer, we got to give the story to know, and then once they look over it, and field officer they feel it is something they’ll call you. I have 4 case numbers that I called in four different times. In the last two and a half years. I aint hear from that field officer yet, obviously get the local police Sheriff’s Department police stuff here. That’s an Idaho. We can’t get in touch with people in London that’s out of the country. Now and then you asked me about his bank accounts and stuff. His bank accounts is London bank accounts. So I called and tried to get information off his London bank accounts of course they said they can’t give me no information, and like I told the person I have all everything bank account number. I told the person who worked in bank I said, Sir, my son is missing. I don’t want to know the dollar amount in that account. One, he said they paid him. So they paid and that money should have went out account. I know that me and my father we put money in his account. The day that he left. I knew I gave him in cash. This was pocket $150 in cash. I just want to know, no dollar amount if the account is empty if money had been taken out of the account, now you say from November 5,4,3rd, has that account not been touched. Okay as the dollar amount in it. Good. Right. Cool. I know what have to do to try to take it out, but just leave me here to the tip of the iceberg and saying no money has been taken out of that account. You know, but if I know money was supposed to be put in that account, and you show  a zero balance on that account, tell me the last time money was taken out of that account. I don’t care dollar amount, once again, the best time to withdraw was on XYZ date.

[00:25:15] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah, that’s, that seems like a vague enough inquiry that they should be able to handle coming directly from a family member in a publicized, you know, missing persons case.

[00:25:27] Terrence Woods Sr.: So, like I said, I don’t want to know the dollar amount, but I know it should be dollars in here. It should be dollars in it. The company said they paid him to that account his London account. That money should be in it if they paid him. No, so that, you know, I’m saying so like I said, I’m not an investigator. You know, I’m saying, I have very good common sense, and certain things that are 101. Yeah, Hey, man, check his bank accounts. Next thing I asked a private investigator to do is flag is flag his passport. who’s is moving on his passport. Private Investigator never got me that information. I asked the sheriff’s department. I told the FBI about flag his passport, any movement on that passport, because if he’s out of the country, whatever, even moving on a passport, right? And then I’m gonna just throw this out there. You say? He had to fake, he goes somewhere you’ve never been before. He wants to get off the grid. So we got it run through woods, wherever he has a passport. He’s been to Africa, he’s been to Rome. If you want to disappear, disappear. He would disappear. You need some type of money or plan to disappear. So I’m not gonna go to somewhere I don’t know leap down a cliff and have a nervous breakdown this morning, whatever, whatever. To do all that, and like I said, Just going back from the start, let’s not even get to the finish line. Go to the start. If you’re at work right now, and you are having some abnormal reactions, or you’re going through some your company, which your company’s responsibility that you’re on the clock of that company is to seek for medical assistance,

[00:27:12] Mehul Anjaria: I should hope so.

[00:27:15] Terrence Woods Sr.: You know, so he had this mental breakdown, and you all detained him not restrained, but detained, and now after he allegedly got his self together. Now you still allowed him to go to work. Now he’s out there and he’s acting strange. You say get this battery Terrence. They said he didn’t know what battery to get, get your shirt Terrence, and he didn’t know what shirt to get, and finally, he tried to grab a drone out the sky. That could cut your fingers off. Pause, and now one time did you say we made the call for medical assistance. We immediately put him back in the truck, the van, the Jeep and took him back to the hotel. Not once was that said.

[00:27:52] Mehul Anjaria: Terrence I, I had heard at one point that the sheriff’s department basically got pissed at you, because they thought you had made some kind of comment in an interview that essentially that they were racist. Can you shed a little bit light on you know how they shut you down after they heard that?

[00:28:12] Terrence Woods Sr.: Yes. We are gonna rewind to a lady called Miss Judy. Miss Judy came on a radio station. Miss Judy said on a radio station, they are racist and has blood on their hands. This lady from their town. They said her nephew got she said that on a radio station. Like I said if you try to pull up Phocuz Phil and pull up the day that I was on a radio station, Terrence Woods and listen to it. Listen to it. This lady call from from Idaho. He’s going off on them. He called them racist. Next thing I know, the sheriff said I called him a racist. I never called you a racist. Somebody in your town called you that now you put it out there that I called you a racist. Now these idiotic people is making these fake stories up. Taking negative piece of this negative piece of that and creating their own story, and never once spoke to me. Never once spoke to his family never once spoke to his friends, as with Fox Five, everything Fox Five if you watch the whole six part podcast, they speak of everything the Sheriff said everything Idaho said. They have nothing on a six part podcast, doing no interviews on his grandfather, his grandmother, his colleagues at school when he went missing and a professor from the University of Maryland went on TV, the professor from University of Maryland on Channel Nine said when Terrence walked in the room, the whole room lit up, I always wanted him in my room, anybody speak about him that worked with him other than to say, crew here speak highly of him, but you don’t see it on none of those shows. It’s all negative stuff, any of these little documentaries, you see nothing on here have anything with his family or his friends, everything on there they dwell on. It’s what Idaho, Idaho, Idaho said. They say, Oh, he had all his friends. Even on Dr. Phil. He had Rochelle on their friends on there. They had everything good to say about it. Rochelle she started crying almost. She got in tears. She said I don’t care if I lose my job. You know? So these are people that he know, he stayed with, you know, one young lady. He’s in,  I got him his job. I got him his first job. So these are people we know, but any you know, negative stories out there. See if they have any those people in a story only have what came out of Idaho. It’s not a story out there. Like I said, Dr. Phil did a little some, but he didn’t do what he supposed to do, but any other story out there. You don’t see none of those stories with, oh, we spoke to a family member. We spoke to a neighbor. We got paperwork and documentation from his doctor’s office where’s all that, but you’re creating this here, this picture, an image of this person that have two, two Grammy Awards, three books out 10 productions of his own graduated top of his class University of Maryland,  got two master’s degrees, and then and I’m bringing the math degrees. Even Simon said, they said he was in a little report police report they said he’s someone that never been in the woods before. He’s green in the woods that’s in a police report today is that he never been in the woods. Wow.

[00:31:58] Dion Mitchell: Yeah, it seems like they’re trying to paint paint a narrative. I’m curious, after you, you’re on Dr. Phil. I was wondering if if you start to receive any tips or if there was any nontraditional tools like if psychics start reaching out to you to shed some light on the mystery of what happened to them

[00:32:21] Terrence Woods Sr.: Had psychics reach out to me and people would say what you know, just give us a minute. Do you want to try this and I just don’t get stuff. I know a lot of that stuff, man. I got to the point where you know if you can’t show me no credentials, man, and I was reluctant as hell to deal with you, but it’s like, I gotta try to deal with somebody you know, I’m saying and, um, but just Joe Blow I mean, I get emails with people. Oh, we this person or that person? We can help you and I don’t even respond to some of this stuff, man. You know, cuz like I said, you put my son’s name in there, you see a million stories.

[00:33:03] Mehul Anjaria: So I mean, at this point, you know what  do you have left to play? I mean, if you went to the top to the FBI, is there any of that? Yeah, I was just gonna say is there any kind of like civil action like a lawsuit that it’s you can file to get more information?

[00:33:20] Terrence Woods Sr.: I can’t go into details with that but that’s the avenue I’m looking at now because like I said, If I go to work, and I’m at work my company have while I’m working on a clock with them, they have a great deal of responsibility for my safety this is a company that’s doing shows they have episodes of such as what’s his name Dave some goldmine. They have episodes of they, go all over the world doing this and you won’t tell me a million dollar operation might be more than that you under Raw which is under Discovery you all out in a wooded area doing it and you all don’t have no god dern satellite phones, you don’t have proper Get out of here. Come on. Come on. Come on man.

[00:34:10] Dion Mitchell: Well, I’ll say this about as far as the production side goes if when Terrence took the job, right they offered it to him and they and that the that franchise the gold rush is a huge franchise there’s not too many people that that don’t know what that is. So he knew going in that where the locations were going to be so it doesn’t make a difference of whether or not he ever was in the woods he he knew where he was going it’s not like right no so he would I’m sure as a seasoned producer and a world traveler that he is he can handle going out to a place where a little bit elevation with with some trees so that does that just doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me

[00:34:48] Terrence Woods Sr.: Because he’s been in places I have pictures of him and wooded areas and is the moose over there pictures with them. You know, right with animals out there. You don’t say that you don’t see in our neighborhood, as they said. Get out of here, man.

[00:35:02] Dion Mitchell: You know, I want to ask you a question now that you’ve been through this or going through it, you’re not been through it, but you’re, you’re still going through it. What advice would you have to other families? Who are who have missing loved ones like this? What would you what would be the one thing that they could take away?

[00:35:19] Terrence Woods Sr.: I mean, to be honest, and I was on a show, and they asked the same exact question. I can’t give you advice, because I can’t tell you how to deal with your feelings, and there’s no advice to give to the unknown. So you could pray for your children, you wish your children do well, as I told my son, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go. So you’re just going to go to work right here, around the corner from you, and your same city state town, your child, your son, daughter, and you pray to come home safe. You never know in your wildest dreams, something like this is gonna happen. So you give them a cell phone. You give them a cell phone, tell me call me as soon as you get there. They call you when they get there, and then they go blank, So it’s no way no way, and this is no way in a situation I’m in. I can tell you how to prepare for the unknown, because this is the unknown. Okay? Even if I got a call, and they said something bad happened to my son, if a person die, I tell everybody that when it comes to death, you have closure and healing, and if you believe in God, you pray to God that your loved one, go visit him. You know what? You got closue and healing you put them in a casket a box, however.  But you know, something bad could happen, but you have closure. I don’t know right now. If I’m watching TV now and I see a show. Come on with somebody running through the woods I will not watch it. If I see a show right now to have something with kidnapping I do not watch it. I don’t know if my son and I prayed He’s not I don’t know if he’s in a cage somewhere. I don’t know if my son was being tortured. You know, I’m saying so I can’t go to sleep every night and say I know he passed on, we had this service and we had his homecoming and God is gonna make it better and hes with God.  No, I can’t say that. I can’t say he’s with God right now. He could be in the Devil’s Den, and that’s the part that hurt the most every day. I pull home in my driveway. Sometimes I just sit in my driveway. driveway because I don’t want to come in a house yet, because so much of my house remind me about my sons both my sons pictures in my house. So as you come in, you know I’m saying you’re going to garage, they had a water guns in in it’s all going to need this in their bedrooms upstairs, the same way it was the day he left. Only thing get done in that room it get dusted. Other than that, nothing else get touched I got his face tattooed on his on my arm. I got a portrait of him tattooed on my arm. Me and him have the same name. So anytime someone say my name they say in his name family members would tell me, you got to be around more family, more family, because I shied away. We used to have all big family events in my house. Like I said, my son and him put up the tree. I do all the cooking. They have great time, but I said it to my family. I say this to people, even co workers and stuff that it bothers me and I move away from a lot of people and shelter myself because I have co workers and they talk about you know, summertime and me and my boy, man, he’s varsity man. You know, I’m saying damn, I only had to say about my son right now. You know, and then when I go around family, you know baby T is missed you know we miss baby T and we love him, but yeah, still, you’re going home with your kids. You’re going home with your daughters, you’re going home with your family. You’re gonna hug your family at night If I want, I look at my son’s room, sit on his bed or sit in the chair and I don’t have my son at home tonight. I don’t have my son to make funny faces with my son and come in my room and sit in a recliner and watch me fall asleep. Know what I’m saying I don’t have that I don’t have that,  you know what I’m saying? Yeah, like I said even with death if I know I close the box on him I know hes with God cause he was a good person, but right now, like I said, If I see a show with some goddamn woods, or somebody kidnapped, I don’t want to see that crap. I don’t wanna see that crap.

[00:39:34] Dion Mitchell: You mentioned like all the people that have reached out, you know, reach out to you, you know, a lot of nonsense and things like that, but part of the reason that we wanted to bring you on was to help get the word out. So I know how we came in contact with you, but is there anything you want to share with us right now on where if anybody has any information or wants to share it anonymously or whatever? How do how would they tell what help find your son? How would who would and where should they contact you.

[00:40:01] Terrence Woods Sr.: If, if anyone have any information you can contact me at TWOODS0129.bj17@gmail.com. That’s my direct email address.

[00:40:24] Dion Mitchell: That’s great. Well, we’ll make sure that we publicize that because you know what, sometimes when time, time passes and locals up there, they may have, you know, whatever reason, have a come to Jesus moment or something and you know, want to send an email or do a call to want to make sure that we have a way that they can get get in touch with you.

[00:40:43] Mehul Anjaria: Well, Terrence, as we have followed your deal, we’ve just really been shocked and disappointed about the lack of developments. You know, I think I told you that we were looking into the story quite a bit about a year ago, and, you know, looked recently, and it seems like there’s no updates. So you know, one thing Terrence is, you know, we don’t want your son to be known as the guy who ran down the hill and disappeared. So just at the end here, we just want to kind of give you the floor. You know, is there anything else that people should know about Terrence, or about the case that you know, maybe hasn’t been put out there or anything else you want to set the record straight on?

[00:41:20] Terrence Woods Sr.: Yes, Terrance was a fun going person. He liked having fun, and like I said, if these people just put in his false information out, speak to his friends, speak to his family, not take bits and pieces of mess that other people are putting out there that didn’t speak to his friends and family, you know, stop doing it. Stop doing that. That’s not good. You know, I’m saying, That’s not my son. These people don’t even know my son, you know, I’m saying so don’t do that. My son didn’t jump off a cliff to kill himself to disappear. Something happened to my son, and as the sheriff said, out of out of his own mouth, when the cadaver dogs got there, they did not smell a scent of my son. When the helicopters got there, they could not find no heat trace of my son. So, you know, even a man at the local man whose house they went to said when him and his friends went back up there he said no way in the world my son could have went off a cliff, you know, but no one is dwelling everybody, do people just put these little sidebar stories out there dwelling on stuff that they get from the sheriff’s department? stuff do they get from people that made a story out of only what they got from a one sided story? None of these stories say we spoke to his family, his friends, his school colleagues, his professors, everything is what the Sheriff said, what Idaho said, how can you know a person if you only been with him less than 24 hours?

[00:42:47] Dion Mitchell: That narrative gets out there, and then people just kind of just recycle it over and over again, and that becomes what happened.

[00:42:54] Terrence Woods Sr.: Right? You run with it.You’re trying to tarnish a good young man’s name and legacy over something you are clueless Of, to make a story to think you selling a story, and you’re selling nothing but you know, lies, and somebody that’s out there, and I pray like I pray every night, that wherever my son is, I just hold God and say stay strong enough. So we get home, I don’t think my son is gone that he fell off the face of the earth. I think he’s in a situation, because like I said, rewinding real quick you as an individual make a statement to me that my son had a mental breakdown and didn’t say you had to detain him, detain means hold against your will, restrain means to hold down if he had his so called anxiety attack. What did you have detained him? Some go wrong when you all detained him? Come on, people stop, stop reading lies people.

[00:43:58] Dion Mitchell: You know, Terrence. It’s been really just an incredible conversation and I hear your passion, and I hope that if any, a first of all, there’s anything that we can do, whether there’s any new developments, you’ll contact us right away and let us know how we how we can help, and because we’re willing to do whatever we can on our end to help out and spread the word or, or referrals, whatever the case is, and I wish we had more time but it’s absolutely been a pleasure speaking with you, and we really appreciate you joining us today on Crime Redefined.

[00:44:30] Terrence Woods Sr.: I deeply appreciate you having me I deeply appreciate that, and I hope that this gets outr and like you said someone maybe you call it a Jesus moment, a true moment and bow down and if you know something and

[00:44:46] Dion Mitchell: Sooner or later someone will, they always do.

[00:44:50] Terrence Woods Sr.: don’t don’t hide it, because whatever happened to my son, whoever you are out there it could happen to one of your family members.

[00:44:57] Dion Mitchell: Wow, really heartbreaking, this poor man is suffering perhaps more now than he was the day that he got the news that Terrence Jr. went missing. It’s really hard to understand why this case hasn’t gotten more attention and a proper investigation from our point of view.

[00:45:15] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah, I mean, yeah, there’s stuff out there. There’s Dr. Phil, but you know, I don’t you just like maybe some celebrities would jump on this and bigger organizations, but you know, it hasn’t happened, and I’m really shocked at how Terence Sr. has essentially been re victimized in this process. I mean, from the way he describes it, he’s been mistreated by Terrence’s co-workers who were on the set, the sheriff’s department, the media, and even the investigators that he hired, that were supposed to be on his side.

[00:45:48] Dion Mitchell: It was hard to listen to.

[00:45:49] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah, so what why is this such an uphill climb? And, you know, as you probably have to take into consideration some topics that some people don’t want to talk about? What about the power and influence of Hollywood? And what about the potential role of race and all of this? So on this podcast, we talk a lot about wrongful convictions, and, you know, what are the root causes of them, you know, whether it’s lousy investigation, maybe out and out bias, or corruption, and listening to Terrence, his interview, you can see how there’s at least a potential for that type of injustice in the way that his son’s case is being handled primarily by the things that aren’t being done, you know, by the just the suppositions that are left out there without that kind of hard evidence.

[00:46:32] Dion Mitchell: He’s got he’s definitely has a good argument for that. Just based on what he told us and what we’ve seen in the media on our own, , but let’s be clear, we’re not experts on Terrence’s disappearance, it’s something that we are now striving for, and we certainly want to hear all sides of the issue, but on balance, it seems like the media is just going with the status quo of what the Sheriff’s Department and the production company had to say.

[00:46:58] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah, like you say, I think talking to Terrence is part of our evolution in becoming an expert on this. I mean, you have to go to the source. That’s number one, and again, drawing a parallel to criminal investigation, and status quo, what maybe what law enforcement found, I mean, if you read in any one of my cases, you know, you read the police reports, you would say, well, geez, case closed, I mean, this sounds bad for the defendant, right? Well, of course, otherwise he wouldn’t be incarcerated. Right, but we don’t take that as gospel, and because there has to be, you know, you go to a doctor, you get a second opinion, right. So these things need to be independently investigated. Not that it’s all completely wrong, but investigations are complicated. Did you look at alternate explanations? Did you follow every thread? Did you look at this piece of evidence? Well, wait a minute, the results in this analysis? Are you sure about that? Is there something else that that could mean? So none of that has happened here yet. So we really don’t have an investigation? Or like we said facts that have been mutually agreed on?

[00:48:04] Dion Mitchell: You know, I agree, and I mean, can you really use the word even investigate at this point? I mean, I wonder with the private investigators Terrence had were simply subpar, inept, or did they just meet with abnormally high resistance due to the nature of the case and potentially the location? It was a very interesting how, Terrence Sr, described the small town in Idaho, how everyone instantly knew who he was, that was a little, you know, a little Twilight Zoneish.

[00:48:32] Mehul Anjaria: That was Twilight Zone and creepy for sure, and then you start thinking about if there is a cover up conspiracy, you know, this kind of environment maybe is the best place for that, you know, but again, because it is that type of environment that that doesn’t mean it happened, but I think Terrence is best private investigator was actually that employee at the police department, who surreptitiously gave him the copy of the 911 call. I mean, it seems like that’s the only hard piece of evidence that Terence really has and that was, you know, kind of ill-gotten actually, but, you know, there’s still a lot that can be done here. So for one.

[00:49:10] Dion Mitchell: There’s tons, I mean, yeah, it’s, like I said, if you can, can you really even say that this has been investigated yet. I mean, it’s just, it’s almost like a minimum just day to an investigation, even though we’re almost three years later.

[00:49:23] Mehul Anjaria: Yeah. Which is sad because you know, the old thing about 48 hoursthe trail goes cold, but having said that, there’s still a lot that can be done. So, I think, you know, Terrence needs some muscle on his side, but by that I mean probably like a pit bull attorney, who can really get in there and make things happen, and it sounds like he made some reference to that there’s something in the works because I don’t know what could be done in the civil you know, we talked about FOIA, you know, information release and is there something civilly that can be done, but, you know, he it man he just needs an investigator just to do the basics as well. That’s really sad that he had a bad experience and, and I see that too in the criminal investigation world, and, man, those investigators, they are key pieces, because they’re the ones that collect the evidence help get the experts all of that if they’re no good, you can’t get anywhere, and so well, what do we have? Well, Terrence Sr. has Terrence’s laptop, my gosh, which is huge, what a treasure trove of information could be in there. Even if that had been altered along the way, there’s no doubt that, you know, a competent computer forensics experts could get in there and find out what manipulations have been made. There’s all kinds of metadata in there that even if things were deleted, there’s still some kind of trace. You know, what about maybe there’s a record of his bank account? Dion, I think when we were talking, you’re saying he might even have his login information right stored on that computer, or there may be a way to get it. So that’s probably number one. Well, how about this? What if Terrence had an iPhone? And if you connect your iPhone, like to your iPad, or your laptop or something like that, you might even see the phone messages? That’s right on your laptop as well. So I think the possibilities are endless, also, you talk to Terrence a lot with the camera, and yeah, you’re right. There’s the basics of just what are the dates of the photographs, but there’s all kinds of metadata in any kind of digital evidence that could be looked at, you know, including on the camera. So those are definitely two good starting points, and again, just somebody to lean on people to try to get some of this investigative material, and what are the all the legalities here if the case is open case is closed, you know, can get the sheriff’s hand be forced basically?

[00:51:41] Dion Mitchell: Well, I think the key phrase you mentioned a couple times is just the basics. I don’t even feel based on what I’ve read and heard from Terrence Sr., that even the basics have been met. Yeah, there was the initial search in the area, but I mean, you got to spiral out from there. Right. So you’ve checked that box. Okay, we’ve searched the area, but then you got to start working backwards and right. You know, this right, doesn’t seem like that’s been done.

[00:52:06] Mehul Anjaria: No. So I mean, again, like I said earlier, you know, what are all the reasons that maybe you, you wouldn’t detect Terrence? You know, one is that he was never there. You know? So, I mean, how do you look at that analytically and say, well, it could have been because of this,that, the other but I mean, certainly, again, tunnel vision, I think and then oh, let’s do Yeah, I do remember the sheriff. There was another incident in Idaho where I think some kids they flipped there SUV into a river. Yeah, and again, there was some discussion about how poorly the family was treated, and I remember that there was a quote from the Sheriff like, Oh, the river will spit him out eventually. It’s like, you know, this is this is 2021. You know, it’s like we we don’t do that. We don’t let things you know just become mysteries. We we have the technology now.

[00:52:57] Dion Mitchell: Yeah, it definitely It was hard to when listening to his interviews, it was hard to determine whether or not he was just flippant about it and city folks come up here and bad things happen and they kind of get what they deserve or actually being resistant to doing a real investigation for me, I still don’t have I haven’t made up my mind on that. You know, just, it’s crazy. So at this point, we just have no idea what types of resistance and motivations are out there against having the truth come out and hopefully we’ll learn that soon. So let’s hope that these Crime Redefined episodes will will make a difference and really have an impact on this, on finding Terrence.

[00:53:40] Mehul Anjaria: Yes, our wonderful listeners, please please contact Mr. Woods with any information you might have, and you know, please share this episode with people who you think might be interested in it or know something about some of the areas we’ve talked about, and so let me repeat Mr. Woods’ email address, because it’s a little tricky TWoods0129.bj17@gmail.com, and also, there’s a GoFundMe page out there called:  Find my Missing Son, Terrence Woods. Terrence Woods Sr. has a Facebook page that’s very easy to find. There’s a Twitter account the handle is @findterrencewds, the woods is abbreviated wds, so @findterrencewds, and there’s also an Instagram account @ findterrencewoods. So hit up all those sites.

[00:54:37] Dion Mitchell: Make a donation.

[00:54:38] Mehul Anjaria: Sure contact us you know if you’ve got information that’s right, pass it along we are easy to find. Yeah, come on,. Let’s see what we can do.

[00:54:46] Dion Mitchell: So we really hope that this episode is helpful to the Woods family, we really do, and thanks so much to all of our awesome listeners and social media connections. We would love to hear your feedback on this episode, and we look forward to seeing you on the next episode of Crime Redefined.

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