Month: April 2020

Coronavirus Redefines The Justice System-S1 21

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the criminal justice system. What can possibly be done to prevent the deadly virus from spreading like wildfire through our jails and prisons?  As the justice system grinds to a halt in Los Angeles and around the world, existing issues of fairness and efficiency have been exacerbated. Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria. A Zero Cliff Media production.

True Crime Meets Paranormal-S1 20

Beth Deering is a world-renowned professional psychic medium, medical intuitive, and paranormal investigator. She joins Crime Redefined to talk about her background and her work with law enforcement on cold and missing persons cases.  Beth also describes her relationship to a past Crime Redefined guest-Jeff Mudgett, the great-great grandson of H.H. Holmes.  Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria. A Zero Cliff Media production.

The Green Wall-S1 19

Donald “D.J.” Vodicka is former California correctional officer and author of ‘The Green Wall:  A Prison Guard’s Struggle to Expose the Code of Silence in the Largest Prison System in the United States.’ He joins Crime Redefined to give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how being a whistleblower on sickening corruption in the highest levels of the prison system cost him dearly. Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria.  A Zero Cliff Media production.