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Netflix’s I Just Killed My Dad – Behind The Scenes With Attorney Jarrett Ambeau

Jarrett Ambeau stars in the immensely popular Netflix documentary I Just Killed My Dad.  He represents Anthony Templet and is a renowned criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Jarrett joins Crime Redefined to take us behind the scenes of the Templet case, the Netflix documentary, and much more! Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria.  A Zero Cliff Media production.

Who’s Watching You?-S1 29

Don Johnson’s new book Who’s Watching You? is a harrowing look at the horrifying crime his wife Ellen survived. It also highlights Ellen’s important work in expanding the DNA database in Louisiana. Don joins Crime Redefined to dig deep into this powerful book that serves as a warning to all of us. Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria. A Zero Cliff Media production.