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Silent Witnesses-S1 30

Wensley Clarkson is a British best-selling crime author and journalist.  His upcoming book The Real Silent Witnesses:  Shocking Cases From The World Of Forensic Science, is a fascinating account of the rise of forensic science in the UK. Wensley joins Crime Redefined to discuss the intriguing cases and issues highlighted in his book. Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria. A Zero Cliff Media production.

Crumbs of Evidence-S1 14

Jared Bradley’s M-Vac forensic DNA collection system is a superstar both in solving cases and in the media. Bradley joins Crime Redefined to break down recent headlines about this powerful forensic tool.  From breaking news about the Angie Dodge rape/homicide cold case in which the M-Vac helped to free Chris Tapp from prison, to compelling new FBI M-Vac research data, the M-Vac has emerged as a breakthrough DNA technology. Bradley also pulls back the curtain on the M-Vac’s TV appearances on ID, History, and Discovery channels. Hosted by Dion Mitchell and Mehul Anjaria.  A Zero Cliff Media production.