Zero Cliff Media (ZCM) is a boutique Los Angeles-based  production company.  Our background and extensive contacts uniquely position us to provide turnkey development in film, television, documentaries, and podcasts in the genres of crime, forensics, and investigations.

                                          Zero Cliff Media’s mission is to create visual content that is as inspiring as it is compelling.                                                                


Ten-episode REELZChannel series produced by Buck Productions in association with Zero Cliff Media

The shocking insider’s view of the fight to stop wrongful convictions of  the most vulnerable inmates in the nation’s largest criminal court system.

Former top Navy Chef, Geoff Cole, is on a new mission to build a culinary empire and bring his family together.

Texas Decon follows a good humored and big hearted family-run business that cleans up after life’s worst disasters.

Crime Redefined Podcast

Crime Redefined delves into thought-provoking topics including inequalities in the criminal justice system, celebrity stalking, and ground-breaking forensic science. Interview guests have included award-winning journalists, authors, high-profile law enforcement figures, and the great-great grandson of America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Executive Team

Dion J. Mitchell

Dion J. Mitchell

Mehul B. Anjaria

Mehul B. Anjaria

Founding partners Dion J. Mitchell (executive producer and entertainment veteran) Mehul B. Anjaria (DNA expert and criminal justice insider) bring an eclectic, 360-degree viewpoint to entertainment development.


In the Media

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